Food Trace by Traceall Global

 Food Trace by Traceall Global offers Corporate Food System Management for SME companies. The platform provides:

Corporate Social Responsibility

Recipe Management

Allergens and Intolerance 

Online Specification System

Supplier Approval

Customer Complaints

New Product Development

Risk Assessment 

Centrally Managed System

  • Easily manage 100% of your suppliers, their suppliers and the products that you are supplied with
  • Access detailed, accurate, up-to-date supplier and product information
  • Ensure compliances, certification, legislation and core values
  • Easily on-board new suppliers via a self-served portal
  • Monitor and analyse supplier performance
  • View a detailed audit trail, protecting your brand and minimising risk

Message about Food Sustainability from Marcus Gover – WRAP CEO

Climate change is the biggest threat we all face, and fixing food is vital. I believe Courtauld has never been more important as only fundamental change can reset our fragile global food system into a sustainable model that will feed us in the future, and cut greenhouse gas emissions towards Net Zero.