Food Trace New Product Development

The process of new product development with Food Trace starts with the in-house technical team adding basic details of the product for the supplier. The supplier will then receive a notification to start completing the product specification.

A supplier must be approved before they are able to have live product specifications. 

New Lines

In-house team will add the new line for the supplier by entering basic details of the product.

Product Specification

The product specification will require the supplier to complete all of the product sections.

Product Approval

The supplier submits the product when the spec is complete and technical will either approve or request amendments through a comment box.


Every table which is built by Food Trace is built from customer requirements for reporting and each table can be pulled off in multiple forms with one click.


Approved Specifications

Food Trace clients have over 50,000 approved specifications.

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Example of Food Trace System – New Product Development

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