Food Trace Supplier Approval

Food Trace will provide the client with a system which makes onboarding a new supplier as simple as possible.

Through these different methods the client will be able to review how a supplier currently aligns with the business and what it’s future plans are. This ensures the suppliers are constantly reviewing and updating their practices in accordance to the industry standards.

The main features of supplier approval are:


The Supplier Assurance Questionnaire (SAQ) will cover all relevant details of the supplier and the manufacturing sites.


The Sustainability Questionnaire will ask a supplier to answer questions specifically tailored towards the required sustainable practices.

Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment will ask the supplier to enter details and the system will auto calculate the supplier product risk

Site Audits

The client will be able to book in a physical site audit of the supplier and has the ability to upload relevant supporting documents.

Supplier Approval Process

Set up Supplier (Buyer)

Complete Supplier Details

Risk Assessment

Supplier Details Complete Specifications Start

SUS (Sustainability Questionnaire)

SAQ (Supplier Assurance Questionnaire)

Example of Food Trace System – Supplier Approval

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