Food Trace Online Specification System

Food Trace provides clients with an online specification system. This allows suppliers to upload all product details and build a portfolio of approved products. Suppliers will provide the client with general details of a new product line. The in-house technical team will add this product for the supplier to be able to go in and complete the full process of adding a product and then submitting it for overall approval. Regulatory bodies, such as the Food Standards Authority, are imposing stringent requirements on businesses operating in the Food Processing and Retail Sectors, compelling them to provide meticulous documentation regarding the province and origin of consumable items. Consumers are increasingly demanding comprehensive disclosure of ingredient information for ingestible items, driven by concerns related to allergens. Furthermore, there is mounting consumer pressure for all ingredients to be sourced in an ethical manner. For businesses, the task of collecting and organising this data can be arduous and labour-intensive to undertake independently.
Food Trace has created an advanced Online Specification System, a comprehensive solution that ensures complete traceability throughout the supply chain. Our system is not only cost-effective and time-saving but also fully customisable to meet the unique Key Performance Indicators (KPI) requirements of each client, making it an invaluable tool for optimising your business operations. Through meticulous tracing, tracking and monitoring of your supply chain, our system instils confidence in both suppliers and end customers by guaranteeing the legality, safety, sustainability, and credibility of the products they are purchasing. It also serves as a proactive measure to mitigate risks associated with contamination and food safety, allowing your company to respond swiftly to any issues that may arise or prevent them from occurring altogether. With our Online Specification System, your staff and existing systems will work seamlessly together to enhance your overall supply chain management, ensuring that your business operates at its best.

Specification Approval Process

New line created by buyer

Auto Email to supplier to complete specification

Supplier completes specification

Auto Email to supplier sent to confirm

Specification approved by technical

Specification submitted for approval

Example of Food Trace System - Online Specification System

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